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The dealer must tell you in writing the specific definition of excessive wear and tear.

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Generally, it means anything beyond normal mechanical or physical usage. Disposition charges. These are the costs of cleaning the car, giving it a tune-up, and doing final maintenance. If the agreement does not state otherwise, the dealer may pass these costs on to you. Your option rights include the right to 1 purchase, 2 extend or renew, and 3 early termination.

Purchase Option. Your lease may include the option to purchase the car at the end of the lease term.

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This option is usually found in open-end rather than closed-end leases. Under the CLA, the dealer must tell you the estimated residual value of the car and the formula that will be used to determine your purchase price at the end of the lease. Renewal Option. You should negotiate the right to extend or renew as part of your lease. Sometimes the lessor will reduce your cost if he knows you might want an extension of the contract.

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Early Termination Option. If you terminate your lease after, say, 36 months on a month lease, you will have to pay an extra charge, based on the difference between the residual value of the car at that time and the estimated residual value at the end of the lease term stated in the contract. The difference between these two may be great. In most lease agreements you must keep the car at least 12 months.

The CLA requires that the dealer tell you before you sign the contract whether you can terminate early, and the cost of early termination. There are a number of other factors that come into play in the lease-vs. In leasing you get no equity; the monthly payment is more like paying rent. TIP: With leasing, you can invest the money you would have used for the down payment.

If you use the car for business, whether you lease or buy, you can deduct some or all of the cost of the car. However, there are limitations. Leasing provides convenience and increased cash flow, since the initial costs can be lower. Provides month by month suggestions and ideas to improve your financial life. Related FGs. Independent Car Ratings , detailed buying advice, and a comparison of buying vs. Insurance News Network provides valuable information on the insurance industry and helps you choose a company that best fits your personal needs.

Kelley Blue Book provides a variety of information about automobiles.

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Refinancing Your Car enables you, the consumer, to access financing services at your convenience 24 hours a day, seven days a week via the Internet. Services include refinancing and lowering your existing car payments, as well as offering new and used purchase financing and lease buyouts. Financial Calculators. This Financial Guide gives you a framework for deciding whether leasing makes sense for you.

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  6. It explains the meaning of various lease provisions and the initial, ongoing and final costs of leasing. Finally, it gives you the information you need to negotiate the best possible lease. TIP: If you disagree with the value arrived at by the appraiser, have an independent appraisal made at your own expense and then try to negotiate an agreement with the dealer as to the residual value. Sources of independent appraisals include other dealerships or if available a vehicle appraisal service.

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    We are located near the Lebanon and Dorchester communities. Once you find a new vehicle special that interests you, be sure to contact our Subaru experts to schedule your private test drive. Website by Dealer. Are your kids apt to turn its interior into a finger-painting studio? If so, you face a potentially costly problem trying to live within the tight strictures of a lease. The end value of a vehicle is established based on the lessee returning a well-maintained vehicle with no more than the agreed-upon mileage. If the lessee knows that he will drive more miles than outlined in the lease or generally abuses the vehicle, the lessee must be prepared to compensate the lessor for the decline in value based on excess miles and damage.

    Excess wear and tear standards are fully defined and disclosed in lease agreements. They are usually well within the boundaries of reasonableness. Leasing novices are particularly at risk of running up these costs. Nearly one-third of the first-time lessees in our survey were hit either with excess mileage or wear-and-tear charges. The guaranteed end value residual value is based on this mileage. Consumers are advised to select a mileage level that corresponds to their true expected mileage.

    Some consumers declare lower mileage usage than they really expect to have, in order to obtain a lower payment. It is the old adage, pay now i. If the mileage is set accurately by the lessee, the monthly payment will increase but mileage charges will not be charged at lease end. Lessees should remember that the purchase of mileage over the term is generally less than the cost of excess mileage at the end. However, this choice will subject them to an excess mileage charge at lease end, if they return the vehicle.

    There is no excess mileage or excess wear charge if you trade or purchase the vehicle. Of course, the value of any car—whether leased or purchased—will be reduced if it is abused or driven hard. Consumers who are likely to abuse their car or fail to maintain their vehicles should avoid leasing or should be prepared to compensate the lessor for the decline in the vehicle value due to abuse, inadequate maintenance, damage or excess mileage.

    To determine whether the leasing lifestyle is for you, look ahead to the full term of your lease. How likely are you to change jobs or move to a new home that requires you to rely on your leased vehicle for a long daily commute? ACVL Comment: Many lessors allow you to change your mileage allowance during the lease if you find that you are driving more than you expected. You can then avoid a large bill for excess mileage charges at lease end. Will one of your children begin driving over the coming few years? If so, leasing may not be the right choice.

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    There are no restrictions among major lessors for children driving leased vehicles. Driving too little can also saddle you with unnecessary costs. Among our survey respondents, for example, 20 percent of the drivers over age 55 returned their leased vehicles to the dealer having driven at least 10, fewer miles than their lease allowed. Since they got no credit for that unused value, they gave the leasing company what amounted to a windfall when it resold the vehicle. ACVL Comment: Consumers should choose low-mileage leases if they drive less than the standard 15, miles per year.

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    As pointed out by Consumer Reports, 12, mile per year leases are readily available and 10, mile per year leases are also available in most areas. However, if the vehicle is worth more than its trade-in value, almost all leases give you the right to trade it or buy it and recoup the equity. The dealer has no financial interest in the vehicle.