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Doll Leaks. Doll Of The Week. Furniture Leaks. Like Sisters. My Collection. New Doll Arrivals. At first he is cocky about being arrested, but he slowly cracks under the interrogation and learns that the man he robbed has died. Steve Forrest , Gladys Cooper. Insurance investigator Joe Rogers Forrest is ordered to re-examine old claims made by Mrs. Gillespie Cooper , whose previous two husbands died under mysterious circumstances, and is now engaged to a third. When Marsha Hendricks Platt learns that her husband Charles Bagarey is cheating on her, she tracks down the home of the other woman, Beryl Johnson , and puts poison in her sugar.

Beryl discovers that her sugar is poisoned, and gives it to Charles when he refuses to leave Marsha for her. Claude Rains , James Gregory. Alcoholic has-been actor Charles Gresham Rains tries to blackmail producer Wayne Campbell Gregory into casting him in a new play. Campbell gives Gresham the script for a role as a gangster, and advises him to perform it for one of the play's financial backers, Nick Roper. Gresham goes to Roper and performs the monologue, but it turns out to contain details of one of Roper's real crimes, and Roper shoots Gresham.

As two of Roper's henchmen take away Gresham's body, Roper learns that Gresham learned about the crime from Wayne Campbell, and it is implied that Roper later killed Campbell. They find a great deal of evidence in the flat, and the investigation uncovers Mattoni's links to Lord Sorrington and American businessman Bernard K.

However, both men separately confess to the murder, confusing Davidson. Continuing from the previous episode, Inspector Davidson is alarmed when the flat's elevator operator, Mullet, becomes the third person to confess to the murder of Mattoni. All three men are linked to the crime scene by physical evidence, have seemingly sound reasons for killing Mattoni, and are able to describe the murder convincingly.

John Williams, Rosemary Harris. Concluding the three-episode story, Inspector Davidson arranges so that Sorrington, Froy and Mullet meet each other, and they are joined by Helen Harris , Mattoni's widow and Sorrington's daughter, who also confesses to the murder. Sorrington, Froy and Mullet are secretly friends and conspired to kill Mattoni together and set up the evidence accordingly; however, Helen killed Mattoni before the others got the chance.

Davidson and Raines realize that they will never be able to pinpoint the murderer, so all four will likely end up getting away with it.

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After murdering his spouse, Sam Jacoby Wayne has trouble disposing of the body. He is stopped by a motorcycle cop because of his faulty tail light, and the cop helpfully detours Jacoby to the nearby police headquarters so that their mechanic can open the trunk and fix it. Dick York , Kathleen Maguire. Williams promises to take Manny as his protege if he kills his girlfriend Betty Maguire ; Manny is unable to do it, but Betty dies in an accident and Manny claims it as a hit.

Some time later, Manny has become rich and successful, but he botches a robbery and is killed by Williams' next young protege. John Williams, Barbara Baxley. Ernest Findlater Williams , who has suffered years of verbal abuse by his wife, fantasizes about her death. He invents Lalage Baxley , an imaginary exotic lover from the South Seas. Lalage encourages him to murder his wife, and Ernest spends weeks preparing every detail to ensure success without discovery.

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When Ernest finally returns home to commit the deed, he finds that his wife has died of natural causes. Russell Collins, Harold J. Practical joker Halloran Stone convinces homeless man Johnny Collins that the world will end at that night. With nothing to lose, Johnny steals liquor, breaks into a toy store to give presents to homeless children, and kills the policeman who tries to apprehend him. When Johnny realizes what Halloran did, he takes a gun and shoots him at In London, a serial killer is stalking the streets, killing by strangulation a husband and wife, an elderly flower seller, and a policeman.

The city is filled with fear, and the police, led by Sgt. Ottermole Bikel , are stumped. Journalist Summers Williams suspects that the killer has to be someone that people take for granted, and helps trap the true killer: Sgt. Ottermole, who claims that his hands are out of his control.

Precocious little girl Hildegard Fell Rudie attaches herself to the grumpy, reclusive newcomer in town, John Anderson Hardwicke. Hildegard's friend Clarence uncovers John Anderson's identity as a retired judge who had put many criminals away. Thanks to Hildegard's friendship, John opens up to the townspeople and is loved by all due to his kindness and generosity. After Anderson's death, Clarence discovers that "John Anderson" was a fake name, and that the man he knew was one of the murderers that the real John Anderson had sentenced to prison.

Judith Evelyn , Robert Emhardt. Mabel McKay Evelyn believes that her husband Henry Emhardt is in the way of her dreams of glamour, so she kills and buries him in their garden. She sets up a story that Henry left her for another woman; the police investigation reveals that there was indeed another woman, but she has no idea where Henry is.

This prompts the police to check Mabel's house, and they discover Henry's body. Taxidermist George Tiffany Jones is distressed when his wife Mildred Dunnock invites her good-for-nothing brother Waldren into their home. Waldren pretends to be sick, refuses to work, and has Mildred waiting on him hand and foot. When Mildred succumbs to exhaustion, George kills Waldren and stuffs him inside a horse that is being prepared for the town memorial. London, Shop owner Joe Saunders Gwenn refuses to give any more money to his spendthrift son, Sam.

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Sam spies Joe hiding his friend and wanted fugitive, Gus, in the shop cellar; hoping to collect a reward, Sam calls it in to the police. Gus manages to escape after Sam's lady friend, Mae, calls Joe to warn him. Joe is hurt when he learns what Sam did, but Sam still takes the reward money from the police. Brothers of a Lodge have trouble getting people to buy plots in their cemetery project, which worries their leader, Brother Cato Stone Middlestone.

Brother Harry Mantell suggests they ask former member Clarence Weems Collins , who is elderly and sick, to be their first customer. Weems accepts, but then gets better, having taken the contract as a challenge to rejuvenate his life. After months of Weems not dying, the brothers decide to confront him over the contract, but in the excitement Brother Cato dies of a heart attack.

He becomes the first to be buried in their cemetery instead.

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Barbara Cook , Vic Morrow. Barbie Hallem Cook uses her beauty to play with men's hearts. One night she goes up into the mountains to visit her cabin, where Benny Mungo Morrow is hiding out, seemingly unaware that he is being hunted by townsfolk for the murder of the woman he loves. Although Barbie believes that Benny has been framed by his brother, Benny declares that the woman he murdered was just like Barbie, and he strangles her.

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Albert Salmi , Robert H. Lawyer Bellefontaine Harris and accountant Jones Salmi are waiting for their train in the station's isolated waiting room. When they learn that an inmate has escaped from a nearby criminal asylum, both men suspect the other of being said inmate. They are about to attack each other when the real inmate enters the waiting room. They work together to subdue the inmate, just long enough that the orderlies arrive to take him into custody.

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