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Discounts galore. As the innovative team continues to strike new deals the list of partners just keeps on growing. Choosing the right cellphone or setting up a new PC will never be a chore again.

Let's keep it personal. If you think any email account will do, you probably haven't experienced OneBox before. Available anytime, anywhere Onebox offers you built-in-security based on Microsoft technology.

The technology efficiently protects you from viruses and unwanted spam. Compatible with most smartphones, Onebox is your smart email provider offering maximum security, reliability and productivity. If you connect to the internet via 3G then you'll enjoy fast browsing and downloading speeds. Costs vary between networks. Bluetooth is an open wireless protocol for transferring data between devices.

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Different versions have different functions; your handset may support data transfer, wireless headsets and hands free kits. Built-in FM radios allow you to listen to live broadcasts on your mobile phone, usually through a headset.

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Some integrated Radios have additional features, like RDS and broadcast recording. If your handset is compatible with Wi-Fi then you can access the internet via wireless networks, and enjoy broadband-like browsing speeds. Signal strength varies, and you might need a network key. Email clients allow you to send and receive messages on your mobile phone. Dependent on the client and your specific handset, you may be able to send file attachments and sync multiple email accounts!

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Music phones have integrated MP3 players and support various methods of playback, such as speakers, wireless Bluetooth headsets, and standard 3. Some even have dedicated music controls!

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Elite Mobile uses the latest technology to verify your details instantly with Vodacom. Unfortunately you have been declined based on the Vodacom credit requirements. Perhaps try one of the below options:. However, a friend or family member may be willing to help you out! Why not browse our wide range of cellphones, laptops and tablets and make a purchase, contract-free! Something is wrong, please check you have entered in everything correctly.

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Cancel Change Comparison. I think MTN will get the most pre orders, because of that incentive! It is only an image. I am a cell c contract holder and want to upgradee, please help.

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